Girl with Shit in her Teeth (2018) [Actor]

When you meet the new person and you can’t be completely honest with them because you don’t know how they’d take it?

Writer – Jessica Mulder Director – Chris P. Russell Producers Landon Charles Hughes Jessica Mulder Jessica Penner Chris P. Russell

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Colorado International Activism Film Festival - 2018.png

I Am The People, The Mob: A Poem by Carl Sandburg (2018) [Director]

Tagline - Blend, fuse, and mix what tools you have around you to create.

A short film adaptation of the Carl Sandburg's public domain poetic offering, 'I Am The People, The Mob'. Non-copyrighted music by Kai Engel, 'Better Way'. Filmmaker Landon Charles Hughes, interprets poem on a quite walk through Washington D.C.

The film is in 2.4:1 aspect ratio, accomplished through a Moondogs 1.33x Anamorphic lens for the iPhone 6+.


11:59 (2017) [Actor]

Ritchie and Joe are just a couple of guys trying to reconnect, but there's a reason why Ritchie has been so distant...


Regarding Leo (2017) [Actor]

Aldous and Ryan have a heated discussion about climate change while playing chess in the park. Does hypocrisy negate the message?


Oh Christmas trees, oh Christmas trees (2016) [Actor]

Two stoner friends exchange gifts.

Human Connection (2017) [Actor]

That feeling when you try and have a real human connection.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Ozark Shorts - 2016-2.png

PLAY (2013) [Director/Writer]

Tagline - "Who's your conscience?"

'Play' was my thesis film, in collaboration with friends of Rock Bottom Artists and fellow alumni, during my studies at The Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, CA.  I attended with the financial help of the V.A. Yellow Ribbon Program in conjunction with the Montgomery G.I. Bill (2011-13).

Nominated For Best Picture (2013) [Writer/Actor]

Landon C. Hughes interview the stars of Social Agitation, an Oscar nominated film for Best Picture.

"Go 'head Girl" - Fresh Boy 'Son of a King' (2011) [Director/DP]

Music Video

I enjoyed creating this music video with hip-hop artist Jovan 'Fresh-Boy', Rique, Erin Stack, and others supporting it's production in Los Angeles the summer of 2011. 

Cream Filled Funeral (2012) [Actor/Write]


This is the death of snack cake. We love you Twinkies. We'll miss you Hostess.