I Am The People, The Mob

by Carl Sandburg

Short Film & Interpretation by Landon Charles Hughes

Music by Kai Engel


Landon Charles Hughes is an L.A.-based Stand-Up Comedian and Filmmaker from San Diego, CA.

2018-01-30 09.54.56-2.jpg

Host of the podcast, The Last Time I Smoked, when Landon isn’t busy on the hunt for jokes and interesting conversation, he can be found writing, directing, producing and acting in a variety of film projects. He recently wrapped on his first feature film 'Of Their Own' (2017). Holding an Associate of Science Degree in Film from The Los Angeles Film School, Landon now has over twenty projects to his name, and he’s also the founder of Rock Bottom Artists, a collective of L.A. based artists creating small projects with little to no budget.

Landon’s fast-rising popularity has seen him perform at world famous venues such as The Comedy Store (Belly Room); The Improv; UCB Theater LA; Flappers Comedy Club; and The Karma Lounge. He’s a U.S. Air Force Iraq War Veteran, who appears regularly at open-mics across Los Angeles, developing his signature stand-up comedy routine, which offers hilarious insight to life as Gay Iraq Disabled War Veteran. His performances toy with the trials of being a vocal activist for veterans’ mental health and shelter needs, with a delightful dose of comedy.

After being recognized for his talent by comedian Greg Kashmaina, Landon was offered a place on stage at The Tallahassee Comedy Zone with an aspiring group of comedians, with whom he developed his personal and biting style of comedy. His award-winning background in Collegiate Forensics Speech and Debate competitions from his days as a theatre student at the Tallahassee Community College (TCC) is evident in his style of performance.

Landon’s most notable Forensics award was a duo performance highlighting the struggles of transgender inequality in the deep south, presented in 2009 at the Phi Rho Pi National Forensic Organization Tournament hosted in New Orleans, LA.

Landon Charles Hughes lives happily with his husband, Dimitri, in Los Angeles, CA.

"Why did you become a comedian?  Because nobody said I couldn't." ;)