Director: Erik Anders Lang -- Executive Producer: Kristin Campbell-Taylor; DP: Joey Graziano; Editor: Chris Duce; Camera assistant: Landon Hughes; Sound: Jae Kim; Choreographer: Ryan Heffington; Asst. Choreographer: Denna Thomsen; Dancers: Maddie Ziegler & Shia Labeouf

Dir. - Robert Walsh -- Aldous and Ryan have a heated discussion about climate change while playing chess in the park. Does hypocrisy negate the message?

Music performed and produced by Jovan "Fresh Boy" Hardy in association with Mo' Music Project. A Rock Bottom Artists production Directed by Landon C. Hughes

Benji & Kristi (2012)

Director - Zachary Writght

Writer - Landon C. Hughes

Editor - Rique

When you think you know things about people...

The Alternative Travel Project: Next Step ATP is beginning a new phase and we want you to join us! GOcarFREE for justONEday #ATPnextstep Song: Our Adventure - The Long Valley (Licensing: Marmoset Music & Eric Nordby)

Dir. - Robert Walsh -- Ritchie and Joe are just a couple of guys trying to reconnect, but there's a reason why Ritchie has been so distant...

Cream Filled Funeral (2012) Shot & Dir. by Landon C. Hughes Actor/Writer Rique

Nominated for Best Picture (2012)

DIRECTED - Zachary Wright

SOUND - Frank Schwab

WRITER/EDITOR - Landon C. Hughes (A Parody Film on Electronic Press Kits)